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LSBU Active brand

This sports centre rebrand included a new logo, colour palette and photography style to give a more welcoming, inclusive look, along with a printed guideline document for all team members.


The arrow that became the ‘A’ in ‘Active’ suggests movement and activity, and became a useful graphic device that I used to hold text, create photo frames, and act as a strong symbol to tie the visuals together.

The animated Instagram post makes use of the arrow graphic to create added interest and promote engagement.

The branding proved to be very versatile and was rolled out across a range of collateral, including posters, flyers and merchandise, as well as digital.

In contrast to many other gyms, I gave LSBU Active a broad colour palette to add interest and variety to their marketing. Many gyms have masculine branding with minimal colour ranges; the breadth of colour given to LSBU Active reflected the themes of diversity and inclusivity that were so key to its brand.

The photographic style, logo, and ‘A’ graphic were visually strong and cohesive enough to hold the brand together, and allow for a more colourful and interesting brand.

LSBU Active branded flyer design
LSBU Active brand guidelines
LSBU Active brand guidelines
LSBU Active brand guidelines
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